From a young age I have been fascinated by how the world works. While
science and the natural world are very important, my main interests are
society, politics and culture, and generally how people think and act.
In secondary school I was attracted to history, religious studies and
psychology. This background inspired me to study international politics
and international journalism at university.

Over the course of my education and work experience I have gained a
variety of valuable and widely applicable skills, especially a very high
standard of academic and journalistic writing. In addition I have very
good interpersonal and organizational skills, with my lecturers at
Cardiff University praising my ability to secure interviews quickly with
important and busy individuals, which has helped me to build up a
valuable network of Welsh political contacts.

I am currently applying my skills and passions towards training to become
a secondary school history teacher. I have taken to this new goal in my life
with great enthusiasm and I am meeting the challenge of my PGCE course,
teaching to a high standard on my current second placement.

I also have highly developed research skills in both academic and office
environments. During my time working with elected representatives and
government officials, I displayed a talent for quickly grasping new
concepts and challenges, such as writing of an official consultation

Involvement with amateur dramatic clubs and a film development team has
made me a confident public speaker, with the ability to effectively
organize and coordinate other people. I like to travel and meet new
people, and I have the advantage of holding both US and Irish passports,
as well as being a UK citizen.

I am an enthusiastic individual willing to explore new options using my
current skills set or through further development as opportunities
arise. I would be particularly interested in working in the following
areas: Local, national and international politics and non-government
organizations, political and social research, journalism and business,
media and public relations, marketing and publications.